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" he revealed when asked about his plans to start a family."Well, we’re not doing anything to prevent it."The former 'Dragon' also spoke out about the moment he first set sights on Nigora, when she was working as a receptionist at his Harley Street dentist's surgery.My parents didn’t have a car and we were the last people in the street to buy a television.I didn’t just share a room with my brothers, I shared a bed.She dismissed his claim that she was a “gold-digger” and accused him of being self-obsessed.The divorce reportedly cost Mr Bannatyne £345 million, a large proportion of which went on lawyers’ fees.I just wish he would draw a line under it and end all the nastiness,” she said, adding: “Duncan Bannatyne’s life is all about Duncan Bannatyne.He has to be at the centre.” The couple’s relationship came under severe strain two years after they married, when a 23-year-old driving instructor called Lisa Ford claimed Mr Bannatyne had taken her to one of his hotels, in Hastings, East Sussex, for a tryst.

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“I’d insist on a prenup next time – for no other reason than to protect my children’s inheritance.

She added: “At the moment we don’t talk at all, but maybe when the scars fade that will change.

I would genuinely like to see Duncan meet someone and be happy. It’s tough going through a divorce, but I am well and truly at the other side now.” The couple began dating after she invited him to join her and a group of friends for an evening out.

She said yesterday: “A gold-digger to me means someone who marries for money, then divorces after a very short time and tries to take half the spouse’s money. I couldn’t believe what he was saying.” She accused Mr Bannatyne, with whom she has two children, of continuing to stoke the bitterness between them, adding that she has refused to read his new autobiography, Riding the Storm: My Journey to the Brink and Back, because it is too painful.

“Every time he opens his mouth it feels like a bullet in the stomach.

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